LLC "Studio K-furniture" - a stable growing company, the success of which is confirmed by 15 years experience in the furniture market in Belarus, Russia and CIS countries.
basis of the company is working to create a design studio interiors.
concept development and creation of complete product lines from solid birch, each of the objects which are united by common design decisions, the link elements, style solutions - all those that allows you to create a style in the interior furnishing of private collections, was ideeobrazuyuschey in the company of "Studio K-furniture».
designers work with clients starts with the proposal of style, developed by the company. Interesting ideas copyright designers of SCM, a diversified range of product types and the ability to make furniture for individual orders, you can create an environment not only in a city apartment, but also offer a customized solution for the residential cottages, an office manager, VIP-rooms in the hotel and etc.
embodiment of ideas in the design of specific products is carried out on 2 production sites LLC Vanet "included in the structure of the company" Studio K-furniture ».
This design ideas, meaningful and processed by designers and production technologies allow us to improve existing collection of new products, are pushing to create new collections.
steady demand from consumers enjoy furniture collection "Marina" and "Maestro", made of solid birch, collected and made by hand using non-traditional methods of modern technology finishes which can be adapted to all premises.
correctness`s approach to the development of interiors, furniture production and promotion of private collections is confirmed by the stable demand for design services and production company "Studio K-furniture" from customers , customers, associates.
Republic of Belarus,
PM Str. V. Charuzaj, 25
tel. +375 (17) 290-70-40
e-mail: studiokm@tut.by